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What is the difference between 9 Karat and 19 Karat Gold?
Pure 24 Karat gold, although a noble metal, is very soft and flexible. For personal use in a ring or wedding ring for example, it would not resist the mechanical effects of everyday life. 24 Karat gold is only used as a bath, not to make jewelry.

The 9 Karat Gold Jewelry has this denomination because in its composition the percentage of gold is 37.5%, and the rest is composed of other alloys such as copper. Thus 9K Gold jewelry is more affordable while retaining all the qualities of pure gold, such as luster, color, and durability.

A Jewel is in 19.2 Karat gold, the so called Portuguese gold we mean that it is made of 80% pure gold and 20% other metals.

Is Gold Bath Eternal?
No, all baths come off eventually. Only the Natural Silver and Gold stay with the same color.

What is 316L Steel?
The amounts of carbon in the steel's composition are totally relevant in determining corrosion. Therefore, parts with smaller amounts of carbon have less risk of suffering corrosion and this is the 316L or surgical steel.

Unlike stainless steel, surgical steel has particular characteristics that enable it to serve as raw material for accessories. Even the parts made of steel have excellent quality and are therefore hypoallergenic.